Adapting to the Alpha Generation’s Learning Style


Generation Alpha generally has an affinity and familiarity with communication technology, media, and digitalization. Because they have been close to the internet since birth, they are more literate in digital technology and cyberspace.

With the digitization of learning, teachers will quickly adapt to the Alpha Generation’s learning patterns and styles! To what extent can teachers utilize technology in teaching?

1. Creating engaging learning media

Through creativity and skills, teachers can create exciting learning materials using visual, audio, and audio-visual media. Teachers can take advantage of various learning platforms that are easy to use, for example, Assemblr EDU, MilleLab, Canva, and ClassPoint.

In addition, because they are dealing with the Alpha Generation, teachers need to introduce digital books for online learning. Why do we need to switch to digital textbooks?

·   Digital books can be opened anywhere and anytime. As long as we have a smartphone with us, we can read digitally.

·   The form of digital books can vary not only in text but also in images, illustrations, audio, and video.

·   We can store as many digital books as needed on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

·   Digital books are not prone to physical damage because of their format, unlike printed books that may be torn, stained, or missing pages.

2. Utilizing social media

Social media can be an intriguing educational tool. If used properly, social media can facilitate the process of finding the latest information, interactive images or videos that support learning, or as a place to train the social skills of teachers and students.

3. Creating a class atmosphere that is not boring

By utilizing technology, teachers are able to create an atmosphere that is fun and follows students’ interests, such as game-based learning, which can make students learn and think critically with fun games.

4. Learn a foreign language

The presence of the internet can erase geographical boundaries. Thus, the language used in internet content is not only Indonesian but also foreign languages, especially English. The ability to speak English allows teachers to adapt to global developments in the educational context. Teachers are then able to efficiently study their subject, for example science, to create more diverse learning.

5. Teaching literacy with clear benchmarks

With the development of technology, students’ abilities must be further enhanced to understand context in literacy, both on social media and in contemporary media. If you need help finding a literacy platform with clear benchmarks and resources, teachers can use myON.

myON allows students to read a text according to their interests and reading level at home or school. Some quizzes automatically appear after students have finished reading to test their understanding of the content.

There are 2 other essential features of myON, namely:

  • Curriculum connections:

The many choices of titles on myON allow teachers to adapt readings to the school curriculum. For example, if the lesson discusses “my family,” the teacher can choose all the book titles related to my family and designate them as student projects. Also, myON is equipped with additional assignments which the teacher can give tasks outside of reading and writing.

  • Actionable data:

Teachers are given direct and periodic reports on many student actions, starting from comparing the number of books viewed by students, the number of books completed by students, the reading ability level of each student, to the quiz grades students worked on.

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