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Mentari Tutor Online (MTO) is an upgrade of the Live Streaming Lessons program which was successfully implemented last March. This Mentari Group presented program is an online course/tutoring with face-to-face classes that is live streamed and is interactive so that children can still #belajardarirumah in a fun way. With distance learning situations, students are ensured to be able to study comfortably and safely under supervision without having to leave the house. They do not need deal with uncomfortable weather, or get stuck in traffic to reach the course venue. In other words, online learning is a course alternative that is more fun, flexible, efficient, practical, fast, and safe for children.

Since the class was first broadcast on Tuesday, 21 April 2020 until September 2020, Mentari Tutor Online has supported online learning for 1,230 students, for 592 hours. Mentari Tutor Online is currently running courses for elementary level students in grades 2-6 in three subjects, namely English, Mathematics with Bahasa Indonesia as a medium of instruction, and Mathematics with English as a medium of instruction. Online learning for each subject is conducted twice a week.

MTO courses are conducted online using the “ZOOM” platform. Because it is practical and learning can be done anywhere, the learning process becomes more relaxed with the aim of preparing students to be ready to compete in the digital era. Moreover, the Mentari Tutor Online teaching team is a group of talented people who have mastered online teaching techniques to make learning become fun, lively, and easy to understand for children.

To help children achieve successful learning, please register via Enjoy learning with Mentari Tutor Online!

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